Bintarti Widayanti

For the last three years, Bintarti Widayanti has worked with many outstanding consultants as an associate trainer in
designing, managing & delivering soft skill development programs including leadership, management,
communication, corporate values, service awareness s in multi-nationals as well as local organizations of various
industries covering mining, banking, power supply, government institutions, restaurant, oil and gas, consumer
goods and manufacturing.

She excels in resolving employer challenges with innovative solutions, systems and process improvements proven.
She has vast experience of teaching. She has an excellent oral and written communication skills . She has strong
multi-tasking and time management skills, and ability to work independently .

Highlight of her qualifications: Training and facilitating—with 18 years of experience; Banking operation, project management—with 15 years of experience; Excellent communication, interpersonal, organizational, and leadership skills; Exceptional versatility with the ability to manage multiple tasks in a pressured environment ; Dedication and drive as a hard-working individual.

Bintarti has the training & instructional design skills that makes her successful in providing training to many of her clilents, managing and evaluating training needs of business, developing training materials and courses, developing and delivering new training materials and achieving business objectives.  In addition, her skills help her developing, delivering and measuring effectiveness of training programs.  Also: creating workshops on topics such as Team Building and Learning styles for staff; and creating and teaching training classes for various soft skill on service excellence

Her management skills has been developed through her 21-year career in various functions of banking industry in Jakarta. Those many years of work has made her mature her sense of dealing with people in working together towards workable solutions, ranging from Custody Operations, Information Technology, Risk Management and Consumer Banking.

Leveraging on these strengths in building up her teams, she also managed to earn the highest banking risk management certification from the Indonesian banking regulator (BSMR level 4 ).

Her top 5 theme sequence based on Clifton Strength finder (Gallup organization): Strategic, Responsibility, Relater, Discipline and Developer.

Bintarti is certified in behavior analysis and graphologist analysis.