Fajar Hidayat Jati

Fajar Hidayat Jati, took his bachelor (S1) education in Technique  with majoring in Industrial Management at Institut Teknologi Indonesia. His assignment paper for his bachelor’s degree is entitled “Penerapan Metode SPC Dalam Rangka Mengurangi Produk Reject Pada Bagian Spinning Di PT.UNITEX, Tbk”.

His work experience has been in four different companies. His career in the entry level was with CAM Solutions as Designer of software background and 2D animation editing, His next company was Bank Mandiri (Persero) Tbk do planning and conducting training for employees matching with requirement of the employees at level position and Chief of coordinator artistry. His last company to work for was Grha Pena Corp and B’One Music School for planning and strategy marketing, and as the principle there.