Rossy Armyn Machfudiyanto

For about ten years, Rossy Armyn Machfudiyanto has accummulated his project experience; from a single

building (a mosque), to residential complex, to campus building, to dam project, plus others. The venue of the

projects are mostly within Yogyakarta, but one is situated in South Kalimantan.

Other than practicing his knowledge, he has also started a lecturing career at Universitas Cokroaminoto,

Yogyakarta, for about four years now. His career as a lecturer will enrich him with the updated knowledge which is in turn useful for his practice on the field.

His assignment paper for his bachelor’s degree is entitled “Kompetensi SDM Terhadap Pembangunan, Peningkatan, dan Pemeliharaan Jalan” (Competency of human resource related to the building, improvement, and maintenance of roads). He also wrote a case study in Yogyakarta titled “The effect of human resource on road quality control.”

Rossy Armyn Machfudiyanto has produced, as a co-writer, two publications in 2016. One is titled Improvement Policies Based on Dimension of Safety Culture in Construction Projects, ICES ITB, Bandung. The other is titled Identification of Safety Culture Dimensions based on the Implementation of OSH Management System in Construction Company, SCESCM UGM, Bali