Vicky Hidajat Effendi

Vicky Hidajat Effendi took his bachelor (S1) education in Management with majoring in Marketing at Islamic
University of Indonesia, Yogyakarta. He then took his graduate program at University of Indonesia, Jakarta in
Magister of Management majoring in International Management.

He has a lot of work experience in the past 17 years of his career. Since 1999 he worked for PT Wahana
Bersama Globalindo. Later he worked for PT Hitawasana Media Anuwarta (MumCentre Indonesia) as marketing
manager. In 2009, he moved to PT. Rahman Pratama Sejati as office manager. The following year, he was employed at PT Gion Surya Agel as Private Management Consultant. And now he is with CIIDEA as a Market Research Executive.

He has good performance in organizing and supervising all of the administrative activities that facilitate the smooth running of an office, including recruitment, internal training, paycheck administration, counseling. He is also good at establishing and maintaining marketing strategies to meet objectives and managed effective marketing, advertising and promotional activities