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DR. Bambang Wijananto, SE. MBA

Recently, Bambang Wijananto has played a role of Research

Team Member for one General Directorate of the Ministry of PU-PR

Public Works and People Housing) for “Study on Tax Policy, Capital,

Insurance & Guarantee to Support Construction Export of Indonesia.” Aside from

this Study, there have been two other studies, too, done for the same General Directorate.

In his peak position, Bambang Wijananto is VP—Corporate Plan & Finance for Group of

PT Dyandra Media International,  Tbk. supervising major programs and initiatives including IPO,

Restructuring, M&A, Corporate Finance & Investment Banking, Risk Management, Legal & Business Developement, and supervising affiliated companies.

His expertise in corporate finance  and corporate business  has made him possible to help many companies in strategic plan, strategic funding,  budgeting, financial structuring/re-structuring,  turn-around business program, business alignment. Among those he has helped,  are Hotel Penghegar, PT. Telepoin Indonesia, PT. Marindotek, Independent Power Plan (IPP), Kementrian PUPR etc.

Previously, when he was with PT Bahana Pembinaan Usaha Indonesia, a state-owned company, he was entrusted to lead PT Mitra Ventura Indonesia in Jakarta to conduct a restructuring and turn-around program which he has accomplished well. His other assignment was to lead PT Mitra Tani 27 in Jember to conduct these several important corporate actions: debt restructuring, financial turn-around, leading culture change, and bringing in investor of US 3.5 million.

His experience in leading teams and organizations covers also PT Bahana Artha Ventura as a director, PT Sarana Jabar Ventura as a director, and Risk Management Group of BPUI as Head.  His early career was a loan officer of PT Bank Sampoerna International before as researcher Institute Banker Indonesia.

Bambang Wijananto is certified in Investment Manager by Bapepam, and certified in Business Management/Strategic Management by School of Management—Prasetiya Mulya.

Currently, he is Executive Director of CIIDEA

  • Corporate Finance
  • Restructuring, M & A, IPO
  • Turn around & Development Company
  • Strategic Development Risk Management

“Successful people take the path towards the destination through great obstacles & difficulties” 

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