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Shinta Melzatia, SE, Mak

Shinta Melzatia’s present position as a lecturer at

Mercu Buana University, Jakarta, has made her possible to

engage in teaching and research activities in the areas of accounting,

cost accounting, auditing, as well as in topic of Good Corporate

Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility.

For a period of a little more than four years ending in September 2015, she was given the responsibility of Trustee  Head within PT Bank Mega, Tbk. She has been able to show her competency in coordinating and implementing Trustee services and marketing activities and to achieve a set target. Included in her responsibility, among others are: analysing corporate financial report, reviewing trustee deed, negotiating covenants, etc, that are done satisfactorily.

She has been exposed to the printing and document solution industry when she works for PT Artha Intilestari, Jakarta.  Being a senior manager there, she has to manage finance, manage and control branches, communicate and deal business with stakeholders, create strategis to enter new market. She has been able to build a stronger company market.

Her career with PT Indolindeteves Utama, Jakarta, is probably the one that has helped her build her leadership ability strongly. Being considered a successful Finance-Accounting Supervisor, she was promoted to Finance-Accounting Manager, Four years in the position, she was later promoted as Senior Manager that is responsible for managing business activities daily, commuicating business to principal di Hongkong, supporting sales and marketing department, and managing finance and accounting division.

She started her career as an auditor with a public accountant office KAP Soeroto Padmodihardjo.

Shinta Melzatia took a Brevet A & B Tax Course in 2005-2006.

  • Accounting  & finance Policy
  • Capital Market
  • Lecturer & Research
  • Business mentor

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