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Fostering Value of Infrastructure

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What We Do ?

Ciidea is our Brand Company, This company was established under the name PT. Pena Gilang Insani; Founded in 2016. Initially our service is a consultancy for infrastructure .The uniqueness of our service is we are offers various customized trainings and consultancy in business, finance management topics as client’s need it.

Our Service

Desk study

collecting secondary data through existing research, journal, and books.

Data collecting

Collecting primary data by survey, giving questionnaire, and depth in interview.

Metadata Analysis

Analyzing data from different sources, like multiple scientific studies to make a unified conclusion.

Focus Group Discussion

meet and discussion with experts to gather more prespective and experience.

Mission & Vision


Be Reliable Partner in Infrastructure Investment Advisory and Policy


Giving add value and be contributing on Infrastructure Investment developing in Indonesia


Fostering Value of Infrastructure

Ciidea Squad
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