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Dedit Saputra, SH

Dedit Saputra has worked with many people
an outstanding consultant who works in the field of law.
The projects that have taken place are very impressive, such as:

• Reviewing corporate management systems engaged in construction services,
• Reviewing the project management system of a company in the field of construction services in carrying out construction projects,
• Develop methods for implementing enterprise management systems and project management systems by construction service business entities.
• Arranging the implementation of the performance achievement of construction service business entities,
• Formulate mechanisms and procedures for implementing the management and performance of construction service business entities.

His actions in the legal world have been very satisfying, until now he is still in the CIIDEA association.

  • Contract Drafting
  • Legal Opinion
  • Policies & Institutions
  • Corporate Legal
  • Human Resource

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