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Fajar Hidayat Jati, ST

Fajar Hidayat Jati, born in Bandar Lampung, is a business professional and entrepreneur with extensive experience.

His experience in running a business is very strong in the retail sector, especially in empowering MSMEs and traditional stalls so they can do business even better.

Until finally in 2017, Fajar became one of the founders who founded a retail company with the KO-IN (Toko Indonesia) brand where the concept was the first breakthrough in Indonesia and even in the world at that time.
By building distribution channels to Traditional Stalls, MSMEs and Principals digitally it becomes more effective and efficient.
KO-IN has more than 6 thousand Warung/Stalls partners and has 11 warehouses spread across Jabodetabek to Surabaya.
With this business, KO-IN was proposed by a Malaysian company to take it to IPO and earn
worth 220 billion. [Founder-2019]

  • Ever made a digital business concept that handles services (Law, Health,
    Education, Social Celebrity) [CTO-2022]

and many more, As a result of his experience and business projects, there is no need to worry that he has skills in business development and cutting-edge ideas.

Job Experience :
- PT. Mitra Teknologi Sejahtera Tiga Enam Sembilan [Chief Technology Officer]
- PT. Solusi Niaga Indonesia  [CBDO (Chief Business Development Officer)]
- PT. Ritel Global Solusi [Co-Founder]

Project Experience :

- Feasibility study for Passenger Rest Areas (Cimanggis Cibitung Tol)

- Business Model & Financial Modeling CoWorking Space - Dedicated to PT. CCT

- Building the potential of the Gresik community by trading

- Building an FMCG Distribution system in Lamongan - support by the District Head of Lamongan

- Leu Mart Grand Opening (Presenting President Jokowi and Ma'ruf Amin at the opening)

  • Business Development
  • Business Concept
  • Business Strategy
  • IT Development
  • Design Engineer
  • Audio & Video Engineer

“If you can dream then you can make it happen.” 

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